4 Features Of A Standard Laurel Kitchen

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4 Features Of A Standard Laurel Kitchen

You love cooking for others and have decided to start doing so at a more professional level. Great. Now what do you do? You perhaps don't want to open a full-fledged restaurant, so you are considering leasing out commercial kitchen space to get started.

Laurel Kitchens is here to take your dream of a commercial catering or food delivery business to the next level. We offer commercial kitchens for lease, or ghost kitchens, in the Los Angeles area. Our permit-ready kitchens are ready for you. Learn more about our commercial kitchens, and contact us to get started today!

Laurel Kitchens in LA offers 5,550 Sq. Feet of Kitchen Space

5,550 Sq. Feet of Kitchen Space

Our commercial kitchens boast 5,550 square feet of kitchen space. This is a huge area for you to have all of your items you need to cook, package, and store your food items. Plus, our ghost kitchen features sinks, individual commercial hoods, and ingress/egress for delivery and pick-up.

Laurel Kitchens in LA offers Large Shared Cooler & Freezer

Large Shared Cooler & Freezer

It's super important to have enough space to store your food items. Laurel Kitchens offers a large shared cooler and walk-in freezer for all of our ghost tenants in Los Angeles. This means you can buy in bulk and never have to worry about running out of frequently-used items.

Laurel Kitchens in LA offers dry storage

Dry Storage

Just like you need adequate room to store your frozen and refrigerated items, you need enough storage space for your dry goods in your LA ghost kitchen. Laurel Kitchens offers plenty of storage space to meet your needs. Plus, with our square footage, you can always add in more shelving if needed.

Laurel Kitchens in LA offers parking and a central location

Parking & Central Location

Location is important for any business, even ghost kitchens. After all, you are most likely delivering your culinary wares or transporting them to a shipping facility. Being conveniently located can be a life saver. Our ghost kitchen is located in the Los Angeles SoFi area close to everything you need.

If you are looking for the best LA commercial kitchen for lease, consider Laurel Kitchens, and contact us today!

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