Ghost Kitchens are Keeping the Food Industry Alive!

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Ghost Kitchens are Keeping the Food Industry Alive!

There’s no doubt that opening a restaurant may be one of the riskiest business ventures – the cost of the property, expensive kitchen equipment, the cost of food, waitstaff, restaurant decor, and so much more; not to mention the fact that restaurants need a reliable stream of customers to keep up with the costs.

If your dream is to open a restaurant and work in the food industry, but the cost of opening a traditional restaurant is preventing you, a ghost kitchen may be an ideal solution for you. Laurel Kitchens may be exactly what you need.

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What is a Ghost Kitchen?

A ghost kitchen is essentially a restaurant without the restaurant, and anyone who prepares and sells food of any kind can benefit from leasing one. A ghost kitchen is a commercial space where business owners have access to restaurant kitchen equipment and they can prepare food for deliveries and pick-ups. There is no storefront, which saves business owners the immense cost of leasing or owning an entire restaurant property. It’s an ideal solution for a modern world.

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Reduce Your Overhead With Laurel Kitchens

With Laurel Kitchens, your costs can be drastically reduced thanks to a variety of benefits that our ghost kitchen offers. You’ll have access to a commercial-approved kitchen facility with shared walk-in cooler, freezer, and dry storage, your own commercial hood, prep sinks, gas hook-ups, and more. In addition, all utilities are included in the lease, you’ll have WiFi access, a fire protection system, and there is an on premise office manager. Think about what all of this would cost compared to a simple lease with Laurel Kitchens.

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Turn Key Professional, Low Cost, Private, Commercial Space

Whether you run a catering business, you make and sell dog food, or you plan on starting a restaurant but don’t have the funds or brand awareness for a full space just yet, Laurel Kitchens can help. Our ghost kitchen makes it easy for you to jump right in, get cooking, and bring in the revenue you need for success. The space is considerably less money, it’s a private area for you to get your work done, and you have access to commercial-grade equipment.

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Prime Location

In real estate, it is truly about the location. Whether you’re offering deliveries, customer pick-ups, or both, at Laurel Kitchens, you will be at the heart of Hyde Park in Los Angeles. The new SoFi stadium is nearby, there is easy access to the new Metro Line, and there is a new Hyde Park station just across the street. We make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to get your food out to your customers.

Starting and owning a restaurant has always been hard, and with how COVID-19 has changed what “normal” is, it’s even harder now than ever. With a ghost kitchen provided by Laurel Kitchens, you can have a great space for you to follow your dreams.

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