Reasons to Start a Ghost Kitchen

Reasons to Start a Ghost Kitchen

So you're looking to start a ghost kitchen? Fantastic! We here at Laurel Kitchens in Los Angeles could not be more thrilled. Ghost kitchens are rising in popularity for many reasons, and given the fact that most Americans eat out at least once a week, this is a great space to make your mark. Below, we'll take a look at some reasons to start a ghost kitchen. Schedule a tour of our commercial kitchens for lease today!

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More Affordable

Rather than leasing out a prime location for a restaurant and all of the space you'll need for seating, instead, you can lease out a much smaller space, which can save you a bundle in rent. You also won't have to hire as many employees to serve people, either. You'll also save on miscellaneous item costs, such as menu printing, tables, and chairs, and more.

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Appeal To Delivery & Online Orders

When you're running a full-service restaurant, you have to appeal to those walking through your door looking for a dining experience, as well as take out and delivery. By focusing on the convenience factor, you'll be in a better position to market to those solely looking for food delivery rather than everyone.

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Easier Logistics

A ghost kitchen business model is a lot easier to implement than a full-service kitchen. You don't have to work around employees' schedules, nor is there as much backend work to do when you are running a larger-scale business. You can open your food delivery or catering business a lot sooner, too. This means less work on your part overall. You'll have less taxes to pay, less payroll to process, and fewer staff worries.

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Additional Income for Existing Restaurants

Existing restaurants are not left out of the ghost kitchen hubbub. Many restaurants are branching off, using ghost kitchens to launch their own online business or food delivery business. Ghost kitchens can be a great way to franchise, or they are a great way to expand your business without leasing a larger building.

Choose Laurel Kitchens in LA as Your Ghost Kitchen of Choice

Laurel Kitchens can't wait to help you launch your ghost kitchen business. We offer 13 private commercial kitchens for rent with access to shared dry storage, a cooler, and a freezer. WiFi and utilities are included, as well as parking. Our mission is to offer you support wherever you need it. We have on-site staff ready to lend a helping hand and offer helpful advice when needed.

We are conveniently located in Los Angeles' SoFi area, which is close to LAX, SoFi Stadium, Hollywood Park, and LA Forum. The opportunity is huge being in the center of these populations. Our facilities are clean and come permit-ready. All you truly have to do is move in and get cooking! If you are interested in either learning more about ghost kitchens or touring our Los Angeles commercial kitchens for lease, give us a call or visit our website today!

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