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In the mood for food delivery in Los Angeles? The next time you order delivery from Uber Eats, Doordash, or Grubhub, you may consider ordering from a virtual restaurant.

What is a Virtual Restaurant?

A Virtual Restaurant, or cloud kitchen, is a restaurant that only offers delivery, meaning there is no storefront or dining facility, and food is delivered straight to the customer. Virtual Restaurants have risen in popularity over the past few years largely due to the pandemic, thanks to their contactless operation and convenient locations....


Consider Renting a Commercial Kitchen!

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Ghost kitchens are growing by leaps and bounds, thanks, in part, to COVID-19. This means that the opportunity is ripe for the taking, and for those who love to cook, this is your chance. But what do you need to start your own ghost kitchen? Keep reading below for some items, and contact Laurel Kitchens in Los Angeles to get started today!


You love cooking for others and have decided to start doing so at a more professional level. Great. Now what do you do? You perhaps don't want to open a full-fledged restaurant, so you are considering leasing out commercial kitchen space to get started.

Laurel Kitchens is here to take your dream of a commercial catering or food delivery business to the next level. We offer commercial kitchens for lease, or ghost kitchens, in the Los Angeles area. Our permit-ready kitchens are ready for you. Learn more about our commercial kitchens, and contact us to get started today!


So you're looking to start a ghost kitchen? Fantastic! We here at Laurel Kitchens in Los Angeles could not be more thrilled. Ghost kitchens are rising in popularity for many reasons, and given the fact that most Americans eat out at least once a week, this is a great space to make your mark. Below, we'll take a look at some reasons to start a ghost kitchen. Schedule a tour of our commercial kitchens for lease today!

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There’s no doubt that opening a restaurant may be one of the riskiest business ventures – the cost of the property, expensive kitchen equipment, the cost of food, waitstaff, restaurant decor, and so much more; not to mention the fact that restaurants need a reliable stream of customers to keep up with the costs.

If your dream is to open a restaurant and work in the food industry, but the cost of opening a traditional restaurant is preventing you, a ghost kitchen may be an ideal solution for you. Laurel Kitchens may be exactly what you need.